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Swiss Gear/Wenger 15.4” Green Backpack Granite - Perfect for People on the Go

12/12/2010 4:56:05 PM

If you want something different from a laptop bag then this may be the product for you. If you want to veer away from the typical boring laptop cases then this cool laptop backpack will be the right thing. This bag fits laptops 15.4 inches and offers full protection to your device. Aside from this, it has a lot of storage compartments which is ideal if you’re a student or if you travel a lot. The essential organizer in front lets you keep small items securely like pens, mobile phones, iPods or PDA’s.
It has airflow rear padding for ease when you are on the move. This backpack is made by Wenger which is the maker of genuine Swiss army knives. This will assure you that this bag is durable and comes from a trusted source. Inside the main compartment a padded sleeve is provided to protect your laptop and when you carry the pack the laptop is against your back. A great thing is that it has ample room in the main compartment for other things like books, planners and magazines. Aside from this it is equipped with a second large compartment and within this it has smaller sections where you can put your credit cards, wallet and more. It has a total of eight small compartments all in all. To complete the arrangement and to give you a better picture of this backpack, it has a couple of small open pockets on the side, smaller zipped pockets and a few extra loops and toggles. Moreover, it comes with a mesh on the side for your water bottle. Now, isn’t it just fine and dandy?

Now, with this tough backpack, you don’t have to worry about making it stand upright. With its stabilizer platform, it allows the pack to stand upright to protect your notebook. This bag will sit easily ride on your back and with its large padded shoulder straps it is comfortable to carry. So, whether you need it to carry a laptop or not, this bag has good quality and is practical to use.


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