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The Ext 1.8” 160 GB Golden Steel Hard drive by Toshiba

12/8/2010 5:20:45 PM

Sometimes the memory in our computers won’t be enough to carry all our files especially files the ones that have big file sizes like movies, pictures or certain programs. Nowadays, we already have the convenience of having a hard drive which is not at all bulky and can be carried around. This Hard drive by Toshiba has a sleek design. It is only 1.8 inches thick, so it’s not at all a fuss to put it in your bag or your computer case.
A good thing about this is that it is made of non scratch steel and is finger-mark resistant. You do not have to worry about smudging or scratching the surface of your hard drive. Now, isn’t that a good thing? Aside from this, it is only less than 10 centimeters long, so it is pretty compact too. It comes with a trial version of the McAfee antivirus software so you don’t need to go through the hassle of downloading it yourself. It is indeed a good package.
Another feature is that it is bus powered so it means you do not need any heavy AC adapters to make it work. What you need to do is plug it in a USB port and you can immediately store the important files and documents that you need.
This hardware is slim and trendy with a minimalist design. Gone are the days that you need to store your files and pictures in diskettes or floppy disks wherein the files are prone to be corrupted. Now, you just carry this lightweight gizmo with you wherever you go and plug it in your netbook to retrieve important files that you need. An additional benefit is that it comes with 2 years warranty. Toshiba has good customer service, so this is not a problem for you.
You will surely get your money’s worth if you purchase this product. This solid drive even fits your pocket and moreover, this is one of the latest generations of hard drives which are reliable and sturdy.

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