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Microsoft’s Sleek NX-3000 LifeCam Webcam

12/8/2010 5:14:09 PM

Web cameras might not be an essential computer accessory for you. In fact, some people can live alright without webcams and don’t really strive to own one. Until they get one and get hooked on video calls with friends and families abroad, then they start scrambling for a webcam. For some people who already have webcams and depend on them to see family and friends who live in foreign lands, webcams are a must. People who maintain video blogs are very heavy webcam users and usually buy ones that offer great resolution. Yes, webcam users, not all webcams are made the same, especially webcams in laptops. Some look better than others, while others make you look better than some. Does that make sense? You do not want to look pixilated, grainy or discolored while talking to your friend or family.
So get a good webcam like this sleek NX-3000 LifeCam Webcam from Microsoft, slim and streamlined, designed to go with equally sleek laptops. It’s a high definition device that captures images with a 1.3 megapixel camera. With this camera, you can also get still photos and make videos with sharp images with a 640x480 resolution. It is compatible with the more popular messaging services like AOL, Skype, and YM just to name a few but is really optimized with the Windows live messenger.
This webcam also swivels. It provides you with perfect views, the built in microphone captures voices with great clarity. The lens can pan, zoom and even tilt to help you get the perfect picture. It’s a video camera and still life camera when you want it to be. Since you can control the camera from windows live messenger window, you can add amazing effects to any videos that you take. For you avid bloggers out there, the one touch blogging feature allows you to upload all your snapshots with a single click and there you have it, pictures straight to your blog.

Sleek and efficient, the NX-3000 Lifecam webcam by windows is a little marvel and is up to multi-tasking as long as you are. Whether you are new to using a webcam or an expert to its uses.


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