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Reversible 10” Neoprene Netbook Sleeve Sunset by Sweex

12/8/2010 5:09:33 PM

Laptop bags are the trend now but having a netbook sleeve is also ideal. All of us want to protect our beloved netbooks from scratches and nicks that is why we find cases to put them in. This sleeve by Sweex is made of neoprene material which means that it is weather proof and maintains its flexibility despite the temperature. This material is definitely a plus. Imagine you do not need to worry if it gets wet or if it’s too hot outside. This netbook sleeve is a good purchase and as an additional bonus you get 36 months warranty by Sweex.
With its durable material, this product is worth getting. A nice thing about this is that it is reversible to make you choose the color that you want. You can opt for green or a brownish color. This robust sleeve will fit netbooks 10 inches in size. If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to be carrying a big laptop bag or case, then this is the one for you. All you have to do is slip your netbook in this sleeve and you’re good to go. This will fit perfectly in your bag and aside from being lightweight, it has added protection too. It is indeed a practical and useful buy.
The reversible sleeve will be of an advantage to you if the other side gets dirty, you can just easily flip it and you have a new color. It’s like having a new sleeve all over again. Its width is 9.99 inches by 6.92 inches. Depth is .98 inches and it only weighs .21 kilograms.

It is easy to pop on and off and you can carry it around wherever you want. It can also be a good gift to friends and loved ones. This material is affordable and you will get your value for money. It is pretty useful and the color is appealing to the eyes. Don’t expect the material to be too thick though, but even if it’s not, it gives the added protection that you need for your netbook.


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