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Professional Looking Business Clamshell Case for 15.6" Notebooks by Kensington

11/25/2010 7:40:20 PM

There is something to be admired about people who can do without the frills and frippery that so many other people crave. There’s nothing wrong with frills and frippery of course, it is totally understandable, but for those who are the straight down to business types, this practicality extends to their belongings. So while most people go for gorgeous laptop cases with multiple pockets and pouches that come in trendy patterns and colors, some people just prefer the good old no nonsense laptop case. If it does what it’s supposed to do, then that is all they need to know and that is what they want.

So for you business types out there, this sturdy number might be of some interest to you. It’s the Business Clamshell Case for 15’6” notebooks by Kensington. It’s not a beauty, by that I mean its black with a shoulder strap and that is it. No eye-catching fruit punch colors or trendy patterns, none of those luxurious leather trims or fancy accessories, just the normal black that has seen early laptop bags into modern times. What it lacks in style though, it makes up for in function.

It has a front pocket, which as you know is very useful if you need to procure some documents or a cellphone in a hurry. The inside is where you can stuff more things as it is very spacious. Multiple compartments in the interior make sure that your things never get in a jumble; a must for any businessman or person who means business.

The interior space for the notebook is also padded, the most important thing for any laptop case right? What is the point of a laptop case after all if it can’t protect your laptop; you might as well not spend any money and just carry it in a pillow case.

It was mentioned that the Business Clamshell Case is for businessmen and more often then not, businessmen travel which is why they will love the attachment that fastens this laptop case to a roller bag for those long journeys where you don’t feel like carrying around a laptop case or when you just need both hands free. What this bag lacks in style, it makes up for in function


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