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Protection is a Guaranteed with the 15.4” Edge II Laptop Sleeve by Brenthaven

11/25/2010 7:31:46 PM

There is a problem with most laptop cases, if you own one; you know what that problem is. If you don’t then here it is- laptop cases are bulky. Bulky and sometimes are really just more trouble than they are worth but for the sake of our laptops, we lug them around anyway. But what are laptop cases for? Sure to carry around your laptops and protect them from dings and scratches and perhaps to cart around your charger and stuff. There is a solution, why not try a laptop sleeve? Most sleeves to the most of the jobs of a laptop case, the sleeve just being thinner an in effect more lightweight.

A good sleeve to consider for your notebooks would be the Edge II laptop sleeve made by Brenthaven. Its sleekness and lightness will be much appreciated by those who carry around considerably heavy stuff the whole day. It has rubber air lifting spacers that keep your laptop securely in its place to avoid jostling around. A front panel that provides easy and fast access to get your accessories or papers and magazines plus a back external panel that gives you even more space. Sounding good so far isn’t it? This sleeve even provides the space necessary for your AC adaptor and cables.

The exterior fabric is durable, able to stand a lot of use and abuse while making sure that your sleeve looks good even with that much wear and tear.  The metal parts are very strong and won’t snap off to easily or quickly. The same as laptop cases, it also comes with a padded shoulder strap which can be easily attached or detached for your convenience.

This is a sleeve that you can bring anywhere as it is x-ray friendly so you do not have to go through the pesky task of removing your laptop in every x-ray machine that you pass. Less handling in those circumstances means fewer chances of falls or scratches. The Edge II laptop sleeve can be carried on its own or you can stuff it inside your backpack or another bag. This is commendable since you carry everything in one space and it means less chances of forgetting your laptop.


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