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Cute and Stylish – Oliepops’ 15” to 16” Arctic Blue Polka Dot Laptop Case

11/23/2010 5:27:10 PM

All laptop bags have the same function which is to provide a safe environment for laptops right? They should be padded to be able to cushion your machine in the event of falls, laptop cases that come with all sorts of compartments for your paraphernalia though are genius and make life doubly easier. You can carry your laptop, charger, USB, CDs and documents all in one bag. So what makes this arctic blue polka dot laptop case by Oliepops so different? This laptop case is seriously stylish. Let’s talk about the color and the pattern, polka dots are in very in right now and rev up the style factor right away. The light blue color makes it easy to match with whatever color you happen to be wearing at the moment. This stylish laptop case will never cause your colors to clash. It’s made of durable PU or for normal people, that’s faux-leather so even people who refuse to use leather won’t find this laptop case offensive.

Now with all that style, should we expect the same degree of functionality? Count on it. When you get this laptop for its beauty, you get a full arsenal of other useful features as well. What other things are included you ask? Well, you get a fully padded section for your laptop for protection. This is pretty standard for laptop cases. There is also a front accessory pocket for you to tuck your accessories in at the last minute or merely for easy access. This fashionable laptop case also has an integrated work station that has ample space for all your mobile accessories. In addition to the front pocket, you also have a back pocket for your charger or other paraphernalia. Would you believe that this is also shower proof? Yes it is, the faux leather repels water adding extra protection to your laptop.

Yes, this arctic blue laptop case won’t be a problem to lug around; in fact, you may not let it go at all. It is that cute and practical. If your hands are full, you can always sling it over your shoulder as it also comes with a padded shoulder strap. Stylish, comfortable and useful, what more can one ask for.


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