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3G iPhone Sleeve Case Wenger Rhea by Swissgear

11/23/2010 5:09:46 PM

You buy laptop cases because you want to keep your precious and expensive gadget safe and free from scratches, why not do the same for your iPhone? It is common knowledge that that beautifully designed cellphone has an aluminum back that gets scratched rather easily, forever marring the sleek and shiny surface. And how about the screen; shoving that iPhone in our bag along with your keys, hairbrush and other whatnots can get your screen all scratched too that is why Swissgear came up with a 3G iPhone sleeve case to protect your precious phone. You know why else you should get a case for your phone? To protect in from dings, you never know what happens inside your purse.

So, this brings us to the 3G iPhone sleeve case Wenger Rhea by Swissgear. It’s a pretty product and it sure does its job while offering you maximum efficiency. Let’s talk durability, the outside material is made from nylon, so you know its durable, you will probably change it before it wears out.  

This case also provides access to all the ports of your phone, there is a port for the earphones, there is a port for the charger, there’s a port for practically all the things that you need port accessibility to. The front and back covers, as mentioned are there to protect your phone screen from scratches because even screen protector stickers might not be enough. The case opens from the top which gives you easy access to your phone anytime you need to take it out to read a message or play a game or just anytime you need to glance at the screen.

The sleeve case was designed for the 3G iPhone so it should be a pretty good fit. Not too tight that you have a hard time taking your phone out, but not too loose that it might break loose of the case either. As a plus, the makers threw in a screen protector as a bonus. It is a great deal. As with all good products, this comes with a lifetime warranty making sure that you get your money’s worth.


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