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One of the Best Laptop Accessories Ever – The Genius EarCup HS Headset

11/22/2010 2:49:32 PM

Those who work on the laptop for most of the day are like addicts when it comes to how the LCD screen should show images and videos, how the sounds should sound like from the speakers and how those sounds should come out from the proper headset.

Working on the laptop is not easy, it is tough and it takes a lot of guts to sit down and work in front of a laptop without sounds. True some people may find it amusing that those who work on computers are addicted to sound, but if the only thing left are the pitter patter of the keyboard, then of course the music should be the best sounding ever from headsets like the Genius EarCup HS Headset.

Okay, so it is black, it is sleek, it is the best laptop accessory ever, the sounds coming off its ear pieces are fantastic, and there is even a volume control that can be slid up or down to control the quality of the sound. There is one feature, the vibration that goes off when needed depending on the game. This feature is exciting for those who love PC gaming, but for those who just like to listen to music, vibration feature or not, the orchestra sounds like an orchestra and the screams of the tires hitting the side walls on the Formula 1 game sounds just like it crashed right beside you.

Seldom can anyone find the right headset that can cancel the distracting sounds of the environment and just produce the music that had been downloaded. Not only that, if need be, talking to a friend on Skype would be easy for the sound produced by the microphone included in the set up are actually audible sounds and not just garbled up sounds. In fact, the Genius EarCup HS Headset is the perfect headset with microphone for online tutorial work where the requirement is to have a headset which will produce the best sounds.

This is a grand headset, easy to use, great sound, vibration feature, microphone and it cancels out outside sounds. It is attractive – sleek, not bulky – and it is very affordable.


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