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Be Truly Free with the 15”-16” Delhi Laptop Sleeve by Port Designs

11/22/2010 2:44:16 PM

When you want to take your laptop anywhere but don't want to seem so businesslike with a laptop case, then pop your laptop into a 15”-16” Delhi Laptop Sleeve by Port Designs. You simply need this fun case to stick the laptop into a messenger bag or backpack that's not outfitted for a backpack.

Made of stretch material, this easily fits like a second skin. This notebook carry case further protects your notebook from shocks due to accidental drops and scratches from everything else. It's stain resistant as well, which is great when you accidentally spill soda, coffee or beer onto your closed case.

The laptop sleeve isn't just a plain black, though, unlike other ones. It has designs in four fun colours, with bright interiors to match. It's an unexpected burst of colour that just pops out for you, a real aesthetic treat.

While it's stain resistant, it does get grimy after a bit. It's possible to get it clean again by gently machine washing the sleeve and getting it to air-dry. It's a very low-maintenance product that anyone would appreciate.

It's great to have alternative ways to tote around your laptop depending on your mood for the day! If you're feeling serious and businesslike, then take around a laptop bag if you like. This probably would be your best option if you've got a lot of work to lug around that day.

If you don't have that much, slash the laptop bag and simply slip it into your purse. Most women nowadays prefer a bigger purse that can fit the laptop and sleeve inside so they don't have that much to juggle. It helps that the fashion nowadays are for oversized purses so they can fit discreetly inside.

On your off days, simply bring the case. It's akin to toting around a book in the 90s so it won't really feel too off. It also works for those times when you don't feel like bringing around an extra bag and want to give your back a rest.


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