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Stand Out with the 15”-16” Pastel Pink Woven Laptop Bag by Oliepops

11/18/2010 9:12:02 PM

Show everyone that you're “hot stuff” with the 15”-16” Pastel Pink Woven Laptop Bag by Oliepops. It's a laptop case that can actually hold a laptop as well as all the accessories that you'll need for a typical day at work. You'll be able to spot it a mile away, its hot pink color really pops out!

But good looks are not all that it has. First of all, it's made of water repellent material, so it's sure to keep all your electronics safe even if you get drenched. It's everyone's fear, isn't it? That rain or moisture will somehow get in and fry the electronics? But it won't happen with this laptop case, guaranteed! It's manufactured from faux leather (a quality leather bottom layer that is bonded with polyurethane) which makes it not only water resistant but also tear resistant and extremely durable. It would be next to impossible to destroy this bag!

Your regular-sized laptop will fit in this easily. No matter if you prefer to have one that it 17” wide, it will be held securely inside without having to force anything shut. And don't worry about your cables and chargers, either, or any other accessories for that matter. It's held in place securely with Velcro straps in a thickly padded interior pocket.

There are multiple pockets plus an organizer inside that fits everything you can think of – from your pens and business cards or other important documents, smart phones, MP3 players, PDAs and other stuff plus a larger compartment specifically to hold your mouse and other plugs. That makes eight interior pockets total.

All of this is carried much easier with an adjustable shoulder strap that is really comfortable on the shoulder or your choice of a carry handle instead. Multiple pockets on the outside can hold anything you need to access easily.

You can also convert it from a hand-carried bag to one that fits securely onto a trolley with a simple slot on the back compartment. What more could you ask for?



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