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Extend the Life of the Laptop Using the Stylish Notebook/Laptop Fan Cooler

11/18/2010 9:07:53 PM

One of the reasons why some people prefer the desktop to the laptop is that it is cooler to operate; the only thing is that it needs to be used in an air-conditioned room if the desktop were in a temperate climate.

One of the reasons why laptops and notebooks are so popular is because it provides mobility to the user who can literally work out of the office, even in the middle of somewhere or nowhere for that matter. The only drawback is that it easily gets too hot to handle and if it does not cool down then it can shorten the lifespan of the expensive lap.

The best laptop accessory to get rid of this problem is a cooler like the Stylish Notebook/Laptop Fan Cooler by Akasa. This is placed under the laptop or notebook where its cable can be attached using a USB port. The attachment will immediately fire up the dual fans which are located directly beneath the lap and immediately gives it a cooling action.

Once on, do not be alarmed by the whirring sound which is the sound of the fans in operation. Also, do not be alarmed with the hot or warm air that comes out from under the lap when it is on. This is the way the fan works. The fan cools the lap by pushing it out, unfortunately it can be felt by the operator right on the chest, in some cases the face if the table where the lap is placed is low.

A laptop can go for several hours without the fan cooler, but if the weather were hot the temperature can increase fast and this can heat up the sensitive hardware inside. Now, the netbook is a little different. The netbook can go on for five hours straight before it has to be put off to cool down. Also the netbook is a little bit more sensitive compared to the lap.

It is very important to put off the lap and the net every few hours to allow its hardware to cool down, but this can be helped if there is a fan cooler underneath it which would lengthen the number of hours used. If the cooling is ignored, the lap and the net can die an early death which would mean that there would have to be a new one bought.


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