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Cool Christmas Idea! A Pink Mouse with the Pink bag for 15.6'' Screensize Notebooks by Tech Air

11/18/2010 8:39:56 PM

Having a daughter who absolutely adores everything Barbie can be quite a challenge, even if she is already a teenager. So what to give her this Christmas? Going online to search for the ultimate gift has been fortuitous. The Pink bag for 15.6'' Screensize Notebooks by Tech Air is perfect for the notebook that most students now just have to have, plus, it comes with a pink mouse.

Now, at first glance this laptop bag really looked too pretty to be functional so it had to be viewed personally and it did not disappoint. It has zippers and it has compartments and it looks spacious. However, looks can be deceiving and there was a need to open it. Well, it opens into even more pink! But of a different shade altogether, which is a relief. However, this the Pink bag for 15.6'' Screensize Notebooks by Tech Air is well designed despite its cuteness. It is made out of polyester which makes it really easy to clean and makes it water proof as well.

There is a front pocked which can store short sized documents as well as pens, erasers, the cell phone, the cords and of course, the mouse.

The weight is perfect to carry around for it only gets weighed down when the lap is inside it. There is a handle with a padded grip which is gentle on the pads of the hands and there is also a removable strap which makes it possible to just sling it across the torso and move where the whim takes you,

The compartment inside the bag can strap in the lap perfectly snug and there is extra room for storing more documents. It is quite spacious inside so storing a makeup case and other ladies and laptop accessories are manageable.

What is the best feature? It is so pretty! One glance at it and any woman can just revert back to being a girl! Now, whoever said that laptop bag designers did not know what pretty means? This will make a perfect gift for someone who loves the pinkness of Barbie.


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