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The Targus Chill Mat XC Laptop Cooler with 4 USB Ports

11/15/2010 4:25:41 PM

As well all know, laptops generate heat and it is how the design is made. In order to protect your investment a laptop cooler is very essential to keep your notebook cool and prevent it from overheating. It is a hassle to do a lot of research to set and install temp sensors, resetting Bios and all that. If you are the type of person that works a lot in front of your laptop then you may need a laptop cooler for that. This comes with fans which offer unlimited cooling. A very useful benefit is that it comes with additional USB ports to be used with any extra hardware like the mouse, webcam, printers, scanners, or an external hard drive. Now, isn’t it just convenient?

This Laptop Cooler features a three level height adjustment designed to offer the user maximum comfort and can provide that ergonomic tilt that you need. You do not need a power supply since this is powered by the USB port. Just plug it in and you’re good to go. Keep in mind that this acts as a heat barrier and can provide a steady work surface when you prop this on your lap.

So what is the size that this laptop supports? It actually supports 13.3 inches to 17-inch laptops, besides it is only 1.9 pounds so it is not heavy to carry around.

If you’re a techie person or a gamer, then getting this laptop accessory is recommended. With the USB ports attached at the back of this cooler, you save yourself cash compared to buying a separate hub. The fan has two speeds and you can’t even hear its whirring and then again it is super lightweight and slim. It doesn’t take up a lot on current consumption too. So this is something to consider.

The drawback here is that it if you are a MAC user, it does not recognize any Apple devices. This works best with Windows operating system. There are of course other brands out there, but Targus has been around for a while and they make quality products.


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