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The Highly Convenient 17” Ergo D-Pro Laptop Stand by Targus

11/15/2010 4:20:05 PM

Working on a laptop is very convenient especially for people like me who like to take it all over the place, work in cafés sipping cappuccino. Unfortunately, most of the time work is still based at home and no matter what they say, working for eight hours straight on the lap is not good for the back. Talk about back numbing pains!

That is why the 17” Ergo D-Pro Laptop Stand by Targus was the best laptop accessory I have ever bought. No, it was not the mouse, neither was it the keyboards. This stand made life so much easier – it gave relief to the pain on the neck and back and the angle that it can be adjusted to is perfect for the not so perfect vision that I have.

There is slot where the keyboard part of the lap can be inserted and the screen is exposed. The added height of the screen was the perfect solution for the headaches experienced because of bad position. The height of the lap screen could also be adjusted so the LCD screen is right in front of me, not below the nose level. Also, where the lap keyboard can be propped into has a document stand which makes it easier if I have to encode so may documents into the system, I no longer have to tilt my head on various angles just to get a clear view of what I am trying to type in.

Then there are the other features as well like the rotating base which can be adjusted if the light behind my back gets too distracting, there is a security lock slot which secures the lap and the adjustments, and then the cooling sleeves which cools the lap when working for hours on end.

In short, this 17” Ergo D-Pro Laptop Stand by Targus is a great idea and it works fantastically! (Is that word even valid?) But it really worked wonders not just for the vision but for the back and neck pains as well. Now, working eight to ten hours straight is no biggie, just tiring.


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