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Travel Securely with the SecurePack Backpack from Mobile Edge

11/12/2010 3:30:45 PM

For those who are blessed (or cursed) with extremely mobile jobs, they would need a backpack in which to transport their whole office, which would include their laptop or netbook, among other such electronic gadgets which would make up a digital survivor kit. Something that would hold all these safely would be the SecurePack backpack by Mobile Edge.

The most noticeable thing about this backpack is its design. It doesn't look like it's a refugee from your college days; in fact, it's fashionable enough to be paired with a briefcase for work. You definitely won't look like a kid with this backpack.

Apart from that, it's a digital nomad's dream on the interior. With enough pockets and pouches to hold an armada of digital gadgets like an iPod or MP3 player (including a line out hole for your headphones), a PDA, and cell phone, there is enough space for chargers, extra batteries, discs, plus your usual key and pen holders.

If you add your paperwork to that, it would definitely be quite heavy. Mobile Edge has thought of this as well. It's designed the same way as a travel or camping backpack would be, with a back panel that is both ergonomic and ventilated, and a waist belt that lets the bag sit snugly on your hips.

It's suited to the urban jungle as well, since it is water resistant and includes reflective stitchery in its design. Being in an aerodynamic shape, it's perfect to lug along when you're on your motorcycle or your bike. You won't need to worry anymore about your travel speeds with this backpack!

It comes with two extra pouches to fit accessories – a nice place to stash those otherwise fiddly cords that get entangled with everything inside. They also hole smaller items together, like USBs, extra batteries, headphones, wireless mouse, and a portable modem if you need one.

It's called SecurePack for a reason. You'll be sure that no one can get to your gear in a crowded place like a bus or subway since no one can get into your bag! All your access is at the panel directly on your back, so nobody can covertly open your backpack and help themselves to what's inside.


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