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Up the Elegance Factor with the 13.3” Roma Red Mock Crocodile Skin by Port Designs

11/12/2010 3:09:25 PM

If you have a wish to carry an unbelievably posh bag to work or elsewhere, you'll want to buy the 13.3” Roma Red Mock Crocodile Skin by Port Designs. This gorgeous bag looks like an elegant tote, and a tote it is for your 13” laptop. It's pretty enough to bring around after working hours, straight to a pub or to a restaurant, which is not something possible with the other laptop cases out there. There's no need to worry about where to keep your laptop case anymore – simply bring it along with you.

You needn't feel like you're towing around a bulky, awkward briefcase anymore. Especially designed for ladies, this laptop bag definitely won't look like it's something borrowed from a man's closet just to fit your laptop into. And it's a safe bet that no man would want to get his hands on this bag, although there would be a lot of women that would love to!

A seamless and soft sleeve in the interior securely holds the laptop in place while the sturdy yet swanky mock crocodile skin material of embossed vinyl keeps your electronic gear protected.   With two exterior handles and a wide shoulder strap to ease the load, it's a beautifully finished bag in itself.

The outside is not the end of it, however. The inside is another story in itself. Fully lined in soft black velvet, it looks just like an exquisite jewel box. It gives one a feeling of luxury both inside and out. This is an haute couture creation that is definitely suitable for the fashionista who must work in order to have beautiful and functional objects like this.

It's not a bag for the meek, however. Any woman that would use this bag would be sure to get herself noticed.

So, if you adore being the center of attention, this bag is definitely for you! And it wouldn't hurt to have an adorable laptop to put inside of it, either.


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