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Sumo’s 15" Women Laptop Purse in Black, Red and Pink

11/10/2010 6:21:14 PM

Normal laptop bags are square, bulky and come in basic black, in other words, normal laptop bags are boring and I want no part of them. To people who spend a lot of time getting ready and those who pride themselves on being stylish, those black monstrosities are only bearable because they carry an essential part of their life and that is the laptop. So why not carry your laptop in style, you owe it to yourself to make sure that after a long day working on your laptop, you get to zip it into something elegant and at the same time, safe.

While looking around for a suitable laptop bag, by suitable I mean elegant, I found this women laptop purse by Sumo. Oh, and what a joyful moment that was for me, finally a laptop bag that I won’t be ashamed to carry around. A bonus is that it comes in three amazing colors, from a staid all occasion black, a chic red and an electrifying pink.

This bag is made of a nylon material and some leather trim that makes it appear elegant; it also has a notebook compartment of cushioned corduroy that adds that luxurious element to the basic safety feature for the laptop. Of course any great looking laptop bag has to be pretty and able to do its job of making sure my laptop is safe.

Another thing that makes this laptop purse a winner its size, it’s big and offers plenty of room for your other necessities like chords, pens, files and external pockets are available for you to put in your music player, cellphone and calculator. Why, if you carry a small wallet, this can become your everyday purse.

The outside is quilted which makes it interesting and the shoulder straps are padded for our comfort, the nylon material also makes it very durable. The women laptop purse is elegant and functional and may be just what you are looking for. I know I found what I was looking for, this purse is so pretty that you almost forget it was made mainly to cart around your laptop.


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