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The Reliable 1TB Simple Drive Hard Drive By Hitachi

11/10/2010 6:08:50 PM

Having a bigger memory is always a good thing, even if people ask you what you need all the memory space for. Don’t worry - they secretly want extra memory too. If you’re wondering why I’m blathering about extra memory space that is because I own a netbook which as we all know, has very limited memory which in turn, limits the amount of data you can store in your computer. I can’t stand deleting data I consider important, whether they be music files, eBooks or simple games that I like to play during my downtime. This is where external hard drives come in handy since you can store more if not most of your data in them and leave your computer’s own memory space free. For this purpose, you can try something like the 1TB simple hard drive from Hitachi.

This simple hard drives is called simple because it is that. Or at least the makers have made its functions simple enough so that we don’t suffer a migraine figuring out how it works. This is a major bonus for those who would rather not tinker with connections and such and yet benefit from an external hard drive. It comes with a turbo interface, a USB 2.0. It also has its own built-in cooling vents to keep it cooler and avoid the problems of overheating. Plus it turns on and off automatically when you turn off your laptop or pc, another useful feature for the more forgetful people out there.

This simple plug and play device comes with a streamlined design that will look good anywhere. Plus you can make it stand upright or on its side with the cable attached, however you want to position it is fine. The makers also made sure that your USB 2.0 interface is able to perform 25% faster then any other 2.0 interface out in the market. Also, the 1TB simple hard drive is compatible with a 2.0 or 1.1 USB port.

So if you need that extra memory, whether to store more files or to simply keep you hard drive clutter free invest in an external hard drive that won’t drive you crazy when installing it and also will give you maximum benefits with its simplicity.


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