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Store All You Want with Toshiba’s 120GB 1.8” Ext Golden Steel Hard Drive

11/4/2010 11:25:48 AM

People who love movies and music also love to get all their favorites online. However, most of these people don’t have time to store their music and files by having to burn all the music into discs. This takes too much time and effort and a scratch on the discs could cause a lot of damage to the file.

Downloading movies and music from the Internet is an addicting activity however, it can also put a lot of memory unusable for working and saving on the laptop. It is also very important to get an external hard drive that has efficient data transfer capabilities.

Those who understand this will automatically have a solution – get an external hard drive.

The 120GB 1.8” Ext Golden Steel Hard Drive of Toshiba is such a laptop accessory. It is known for its high affordability and quality. This external hard drive can store all the music and movies downloaded from the Internet and makes all the files easily accessible with a simple click of the mouse.

This is a great laptop accessory for its surface is resistant to finger prints, it is thin, small and has a free anti-virus included upon purchase. However, the anti-virus has to be updated for it is just a trial version, but it is good enough and not really a problem.

The stainless steel body is golden in colour which makes it rust resistant and easy to clean with a dry cloth. It is modern looking in its design which is attractive to high tech individuals. It is also slim enough to satisfy the pickiest of laptop users for who wants a bulky external hard drive that is not easy on the eyes. There is a single cable connection so there is no need to have to purchase extra AC adapters which are not attractive and are too bulky.

This trendy and fashionable external hard disk is so efficient that the looks belie its capabilities. This is Toshiba at its best.


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