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It’s Cool to Have A Blue Laptop Cool Stand by Port Designs?

11/4/2010 11:12:50 AM

People are so used to the basic black laptop cooler – unattractive, black, plastic, blower, and blah! Boring is never in and it is great that Port Designs finally figured out that women like fashion and funky and men also like the unusual.

This ergonomically designed Blue Laptop Cool Stand by Port Designs is BLUE! This is the main attraction, it is not boring black! But aside from that, it has the super quiet blowers that are needed to cool down the laptop and it can be attached to the lap through the USB port.

Alright, aesthetics aside, this is a laptop cooler which is a very important and essential laptop accessory for it can very well save the life of the lap. All laptop owners know that laptops heat up fast and if it has been working for more than five hours straight it can overheat. Now this may not happen to most well made laptops but it can happen to cheaper models. This can also happen faster to Netbooks which are not designed for use as long as a lap can be.

Having a laptop cooler is very crucial to extending the life of the computer; this is the most important thing to remember. No one can afford to destroy the motor of their laps simply because they ignored the necessity of a laptop cooler.

The Blue Laptop Cool Stand by Port Designs can satisfy all those needs. For those who like aesthetics, this is the product to buy, for those who like comfort when they work with their laps, this is the solution. What else can anyone ask for, this is a product that can satisfy all the needs and it helps that it is modern looking and very attractive.

Of course people say that the aesthetics of a laptop blower does not make it work well, but there are those who like to work with something attractive and they are psyched when they see something attractive in front of them. That is why LCD screens should have good images, speakers should have great sound and most of all attractive laptop coolers with cool designs should make working on the laptop much more enjoyable.


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