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Grab the Wheel Laptop Accessory and Have Some Fun – The PS2/PC Vibration F1 Racing Twin Wheel

11/4/2010 11:07:31 AM

Who says that there is a need to buy a PlayStation or expensive playing equipment just to enjoy playing a game? All that is needed is the right gaming software and the right laptop accessory to make a game even more enjoyable.

One of the more popular gaming software is the simple yet energetic racing game like the Formula 1 racing. There are those who really like this game and yet are left wanting for racing is no fun if the controls are just the arrow keys. For those who are addicted to playing F1 racing games on their laptops, the PS2/PC Vibration F1 Racing Twin Wheel is the superior choice.

The PS2/PC Vibration F1 Racing Twin Wheel is a two-in-one wheel for racing designed to be compatible to the PC and the PS2. It provides for a realistic sense in the race driving experience. The features include:

  • Ports: PS2, USB, PlayStation 1, 2 and PC support

  • Vibration feedback which gives the user a sense of reality in the race where bumps, colliding with other cars, braking and crashing into the side walls are felt on the wheel.

  • An eight way D-Pad and 4 gaming buttons including left and right buttons, gives the user better control of the games with features like horns, viewing change, etc.

  • Foot paddles to control speed give the sense of stepping on the accelerator and the brakes.

  • The central clamp on the lap attachment will give added stability of the wheel

  • The shifter gears located under the wheel guarantees a fast braking and acceleration decision during the game

  • The twin wheels are comfortable to use even when lounging on the recliner or the bed


No longer would there be a need to purchase expensive systems just to have some fun and relaxation at home. Now, with the availability of the PS2/PC Vibration F1 Racing Twin Wheel, that simple racing software gets more exciting and more realistic to play with.


The PS2/PC Vibration F1 Racing Twin Wheel is compatible with the IBM PC, Microsoft Windows, PS1 and PS2 and entertainment systems.


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