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Keep the Notebook Secure with the Belkin Notebook Security Lock

11/3/2010 4:33:51 PM

Students living in a dorm situation needs to have some basic protection for the laptop and notebooks. It is very important to keep the notebook protected wherever the owner takes it. Get a useful laptop accessory like Belkin Notebook Security Lock so travelling is secure.

If a notebook gets stolen, it is not just the computer that is stolen, all the data stored, the passwords, the security access codes and even bank information can now be tapped into easily. With the notebook security lock this can be prevented.

Now, this Belkin Notebook Security Lock is easy to install. Simply attach the pivot clamp to the security slot on the computer and that’s it. If that is too hard to follow, open the manual and read the simple and very basic instructions that looks like it had been written for a two year old.

The six foot cable is made of aircraft grade steel which is one of the strongest in the world. It also has a padlock, keys, and a nylon bag where the lap or net can be carried. This makes it very secure and if someone snatches it, the computer can be immediately secured.

Now, this lock will however, not withstand a saw but the device cannot also be simply removed. So the thieves may grab the notebook but they still cannot open it or operate it. Forcing the device out of the slot could cause a lot of damage and this will simply make the computer useless.

If living in the dorm room and there is a need to leave it in the room, secure the notebook with the Belkin Notebook Security Lock, loop the cable to something really strong and sturdy and double lock the doors and windows before leaving the building. Some think they can just carry their notebooks wherever they are, but the dorm has shared bathrooms so that can pose a problem.

Secure your computers with a durable and very strong lock to prevent the computer from being stolen or for the important data to be tapped illegally.


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