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Who Can Resist Sumo’s Pretty 17” Pink/White Nylon Laptop Sleeve?

11/3/2010 4:29:06 PM

The Sumo Pink 17” Nylon laptop sleeve is super pretty and highly functional. This is one product that can satisfy the “Pretty in Pink” ladies personality. The pink is so fierce it is hard to resist – this is no candy pink for the baby girl, this is a woman’s pink!

Those who work with laptops all the time know how important it is to protect their computers from the elements. It is very important that the laptop be placed in a functional and padded sleeve so that it is protected from too much movement which could jar the sensitive hardware inside it. It is also very important that the padded sleeves when placed in a laptop bag should be able to prevent jostling and further injury from other items that are normally found stored inside these bags.

If the lap has to be carried in the arms outside of the bag, the Sumo Pink 17” Nylon laptop sleeve should be able to prevent bumps from external forces. It should also be water proof and temperature proof. The laptop sleeve should protect the lap from extreme temperature.

When place in the bag, the Sumo Pink 17” Nylon laptop sleeve keeping it in place will give the sense of lightness. Of course the sleeve does not decrease the weight of the lap, it just keeps it stable and if the lap is stable it is easier to carry around, hence it feels light.

This sleeve is so cleverly designed with its quilted cover which opens to a startling black with pink polka dots fabric. This can literally make the woman smile when she sees it and it makes storing more fun. If the lady is young and in school, this will definitely be a sleeve that would be considered very fashionable and chic, this is not a dowdy sleeve.

Of course there are other sleeves marketed with different designs all of which can satisfy the specific personal preferences of laptop owners.


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