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One Size Fits All 15.4” – 17” Akara K1 Black/Grey Backpack by Pakuma

10/27/2010 8:57:17 PM

Not everyone likes to have a jazzy bag when they travel around with their laptops, most people actually like to use backpacks for they are more comfortable to carry around and the right kind of backpack filled to the brim with documents, a laptop and the rest of the paraphernalia to make it easier for working.

College students are really the pickiest when it comes to a balanced backpack and the 15.4” – 17” Akara K1 Black/Grey Backpack is one accessory that is highly functional. For one thing, it is balanced – something which not a lot of backpack brands can lay claim to.

The 15.4” – 17” Akara K1 Black/Grey Backpack is a backpack that can pack a lot of stuff in it, it also has a main feature called the COCOON laptop protection system that guarantees safety for the lap when travelling. This makes sure that the lap does not move around too much inside the backpack and protect it from sharp objects which can also be stored in the bag.

It has the right compartment divisions which can store different kinds of items all at once. There is so much room in this bag that it is not a wonder that it is called a ‘large capacity’ backpack. No matter what they say, a backpack which can provide the space needed for everything there is to be stored in it is exciting to see.

Who wants a large capacity backpack that cannot get the user organized? It is very important for a backpack user to have things have a semblance or organization in the backpack. Of course, that organization should concentrate on the safety storage of the laptop, all the rest can get crowded or disorderly, but not the compartment for the laptop.

The aesthetics of the bag is what would be considered basic and macho. It is black, it has adjustable padded straps that makes weighed down bags seem not so weighty whatsoever and there is nothing flamboyant about its design either. There is no flash to it, but it is still very attractive in its simplicity nevertheless.


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