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Get a Laptop Bag that Includes the Basic Accessories - 15.4” Laptop Starter Kit by Toshiba

10/27/2010 8:53:18 PM

When people first purchase laptops for the very first time they know that they would need a lot of accessories. The laptop accessories like an optical mouse and a four port USB hub can be expensive when bought individually. Fortunately the 15.4” Laptop Starter Kit by Toshiba is around for beginners to play around with. With the starter kit, they are off to a good start.

The laptop case can store a laptop or notebook safely and the four port USB hub can make room for a lot of attachments. The hub is the best freebie item here for even if the lap or notebook has its own ports built in, there is still a need to have a lot of ports, and no one can have a lot of ports. Unfortunately, there is no extra AC adapter but that can be easily and economically dealt with.

The bag is quite basic in its design, has a hand grip and a removable adjustable strap. This makes it easy to carry the bag around either on the shoulder or across the shoulders. The optical mouse is an added bonus to the kit for undeniably, a mouse makes it easier to work with a laptop even if there is a mouse pad. The mouse is easily installed into lap which runs with the Windows Vista system.

There is a front pocket large enough to store documents or accessories which no one can live without basically if living with a laptop. The laptop compartment is padded inside and within which ensures that it will never get jostled which is a sure way to cause damage to equipment. Also, sometimes it is inevitable that sharp objects can get stored in the case so the double padding will be just the right protection.

The material, combination nylon and polyester, makes it very durable and waterproof as well. This means that the laptop is kept warm and safe while documents and accessories can be stored easily within the different compartments.


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