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Superb Protection for the Notebook - 13.3” to 14” Eclipse I Notebook Sleeve by Brenthaven

10/27/2010 8:46:50 PM

One of the most important accessories for a mobile computer like the notebook is undeniably the sleeve. This protects the computer from scratches, bumps, too much mobility as well as the elements. The extra padding on all four sides makes it different from other sleeves, too.

Some sleeves only have two sides padded with a zipper to pull them together around the notebook, this one has four sides padded, so it is just not two sides pulled together – the cut of the sleeves are patterned around the curves of the notebook itself, meaning it has a snugger fit. This snug fit is what makes it safer for the computer when moving around. For this is what is involved with notebooks, laptops and Netbooks, they get to be moved around constantly.

If the notebook is left without a sleeve it is literally exposed to everything which could cause damage to the hardware. A generically designed sleeve is good only for some small protection, but if the protection was fitted to the shape of the computer itself, then this makes it a superior design.

Too many people walk around with laptops and notebooks in their arms or in their bags. Some would make efforts to protect their equipment by buying laptop bags or briefcases on top of sleeves, but most of the time, people, students especially, just dump it into backpacks which are not designed for carrying them or into handbags big enough to carry them but provides no protection whatsoever.

The 13.3” to 14” Eclipse I Notebook Sleeve designed by Brenthaven is a perfect sleeve which can give extra protection to the computer. So even if it has to be placed haphazardly in an ill padded backpack, a handbag or just carried around with books in the arms it would still be protected and safe.

The material itself will guarantee it to be free of static and prevent lint, fur or dust from getting into the hardware which would need a good vacuum cleaner to clean out. It also provides protection from moisture from the rain when running across the quadrangle or through corridors or just the sidewalk.


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