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Transfer Files Fast with the 4GB Bronz USB Flash Drive Currenkey by Lacie

10/25/2010 6:11:59 PM

People like to share their files fast however it may be done – downloading, file sharing online or data transfer from a USB flashdrive which should be compatible to most laptops.

USB flash drives makes storing and transferring of data from one laptop to another very fast and very easy. This is a great laptop accessory especially for those who quickly need to transfer files. The coin design of the 4GB Bronz USB Flash Drive Currenkey by Lacie disguises the usual utilitarian look of USBs into something more like a woman’s compact. Of course, with a pink laptop sleeve, it is only right that the USB also be pink.

Pretty and pink, that is the key to the beauty and attraction of this USB, especially for women who like to share files or have to transfer files so they can work at home as well as in the office. It can store up to 4GB worth of data and can transfer the same fast into any computer with a USB port.

This can hold so much text data, up to 4GB, that is roughly around 2 or 3 movies worth of data. Of course this can transfer movies into computers, which is one of its features. This means that even some games not exceeding 4GB can be easily stored and transferred easily.

The unique and attractive design of the 4GB Bronz USB Flash Drive Currenkey by Lacie is made of metal so this means that it can even be pocketed without harming the data inside. The only thing to watch out for is to never leave the USB on the dashboard of the car where it can be subjected to a lot of heat. This is a safety precaution for any type of USB flash drive. If that is done accidentally, pray that no data is lost. Also, dropping it accidentally may not harm its function but anything falling on it which can crush the material will. This is compatible with Windows 2000, Xp, Mac, Vista and others.


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