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Get the Edge in Mobility with the 17.3” Alienware Orion Laptop Backpack

10/25/2010 4:53:29 PM

Mobility is a must, especially with student. Having to lug around a handbag or a briefcase just to carry all the schoolwork and the laptop is heavy and straining on the hands and arms. This can get worse if there is a need to jump from one campus building to the next. On top of that, the rain can just fall at any minute and the grounds could get slippery. Ever rushed from one class to the next without the hands free? It is not only difficult, but it can easily cause an accident.

College students like their hands free when they move through the crowded lobbies and to race up and down the stairs to make it to the next class. It gets even more difficult for today what is a college which does not demand a laptop from each of their students. In fact, some schools insist that students have their own laptops for it can take the strain off buying a lot of books which can only gather dust.

The backpack is the staple wear among college students and today there is a high demand for backpacks which can store and protect the important and very expensive equipment. The 17.3” Alienware Orion Laptop Backpack is a very affordable, very attractive and highly functional backpack. Not only can it store the lap safely and securely but it can also hold all the other items that only college students understand they need to have within an arm’s reach.

The 17.3” Alienware Orion Laptop Backpack is Mobile Edge’s contribution to making life for college students less stressful. It is made of tough materials which will be able to carry the strain of weight of anything placed inside, it is divided intelligently which makes storing of documents, school work, files, laptop accessories and other high tech gadgets.

The heavily padded straps ease the weight off the shoulders and the padded inner layers provide a cushion for the lap which will protect it from scrapes and bumps. There is a lot of room in it for storing of other items.


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