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Go Retro with the 14.1” Peach Maddie Powers Sheba Messenger Bag by Mobile Edge

10/25/2010 4:48:14 PM

For ladies who like the retro look of the World War II era, the 14.1” Peach Maddie Powers Sheba Messenger Bag by Mobile Edge is the bag to hold the laptop. This is made of very strong and water proof microfiber which will protect the laptop from the damp of a drizzle. This may not protect the contents if it were to fall into the river however, but if it drops in and is picked up before three minutes, then no harm, no foul on the computer.

The picture of a magazine shot of the 1940’s glamour woman is very attractive and pleasing to the eye. Neither does it detract the functionality of the bag. It has compartments where the notebook can be stored in the padded division setting it apart from the rest of the items which can be normally found inside the carryon of any lady.

The sturdy material will also ensure that more items can be stored inside, including mobile phones, documents, makeup kits, hairbrushes, calculators and even a water bottle. Yes, a water bottle. The presence of that compartment should already signal the buyer that this will protect the contents from moisture.

The bag is an exclusive design of Maddie Powers which also include a shoulder strap that is padded to ease the shoulder of the weight. The notebook is fairly weightless; it is the other women’s essentials that can never be left at home that may weigh it down. But that is easily ignored by any woman as that is the whole purpose of the bag, to make sure that all that she needs is within easy reach at any time wherever she may be.

A “Lucky Seven” dice can be used as a keychain or can be used to play with; this is one unusual inclusion to the whole package which targets the adventurous and the funky lady.


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