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The 15.4” Celly Easy Laptop Briefcase - For Those Who Prefer the Simple and Functional

10/21/2010 7:36:27 PM

Everyone has a laptop nowadays, and if they don’t they will surely have one in the not so distant future. That means that many people would need to have a bag to carry the laps wherever and whenever they travel. In fact, going online will show the curious that there are so many briefcases for laptops that are cleverly designed and some even come in funky colours.

However, not everyone likes flashy and faddy bags to carry their laptops in, in fact there are so many who prefer to have a simply designed laptop case like the 15.4” Celly Easy Laptop Briefcase. This is the perfect case that is functional and yet elegant in its simplicity, perfect for someone who has simple tastes be they a college student, a digital nomad or a very busy professional.

This is a laptop briefcase made of tough yet soft materials which are guaranteed to provide enough space to fit documents, laptop accessories, a mouse, the extra cords, the battery chargers, the pens, and the highlighters that are needed for work. That means, no matter where the work may take you, all that you need to continue working efficiently and professionally is within that bag.

What more could anyone ask for? It is a conservative design, it protects the laptop from bumps and scratches, it provides the space needed for documents important for work, it is waterproof (unless the whole bag falls in the river) and it has the right divisions to keep all the accessories. This means that even if the items inside the bag are not accessories, they can still fit.

The 15.4” Celly Easy Laptop Briefcase will guarantee that the user will have within easy reach all that they need without sacrificing their sense of style. It can be easily carried as a handbag or as a shoulder bag. The straps are very sturdy and padded which will make carrying it so much easier on the hand that grips the handle and the shoulder that will bear the brunt of the weight.

There are other models and designs to choose from which are all affordable. Ordering is easily accomplished and expect the item to be delivered within two to three days.


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