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Choose from 5 Different Colours of Sumo’s 13” Quilted Laptop Sleeves to Satisfy the Fashionista in You

10/21/2010 7:32:42 PM

Laptops are everywhere in fact a lot of people have them, travel with them, work with them and even sleep with them. In fact, owners of laptops are so accustomed to having them around that one day without them will cause them to develop withdrawal symptoms. For others, they would protect their laptops with their lives from all forms of harm.

That is why it is definitely a good idea for the laptop owner to have a laptop sleeve. The sleeve will protect the lap from dirt, moisture, air, even fur from the dogs and cats. The Sumo 13” Quilted Laptop Sleeves will ensure the safety and it also makes a fashion statement for they come in five different colours: pink, black and pink, green, red, and orange. The simple quilted design opens to an elegantly patterned inner lining. For the fashionista, this is definitely an attractive set of sleeves which can be colour coordinated to the attire.

The sleeves are a great protection by keeping it in place when inserted into a bag or case. This will help ensure that no banging around will occur for the sleeve prevents that. It holds the laptop firmly in place preventing it from sliding around. This decreases the wear and tear on the laptop and can increase its lifespan.

Prevention of movement will guarantee a balanced placement in the bag that it is placed in which will result to better carrying. It will not decrease the weight a bit but the steady placement in the bag will make it seem more lightweight. This makes it better to travel around with.

For those who move around a lot, make sure to get a laptop sleeve like the Sumo 13” Quilted Laptop Sleeves for they are a guaranteed accessory that will keep the laptop safe. Check out the prices and availability of colours for they are very popular and very affordable. Satisfy your fashionista personality and choose the colour that best suits your personality. If confused, why not just purchase all five, at least with five different colors to choose from, there will be no holding bag on accessorizing the attire of the day.


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