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Wireless Optimal 3000 Laptop Accessory - Making Life So Much Easier

10/20/2010 11:24:09 AM

Cords, cords, cords! Nothing can be more irritating than cords. It is true that the mouse will make working with a computer or laptop so much easier but it can get irritating if the cords are all over the place. The mouse cord, the external speaker cords, the extra keyboard cords and all other cords make the computer table look so messy and cleanup a drag.  Cords can make life miserable.

Fortunately there is the Wireless Optimal 3000 Laptop Accessory, the mouse that has no cords hanging out from it. Being cordless, this frees up the USB port or plug in port on the computer where the cord is usually attached to. This will make room for more accessories attached to the computer. This has a battery operated mouse and has a Snap-in Receiver. It is compatible with software such as the Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows.

The mouse is very precise and the cursor very accurate which makes tracking so much smoother to work with. There are other mouse accessories where the cursor jumps all over the place, sometimes disappears entirely, or a cursor which is non-responsive even if it had been clicked several times. In short, this is a very stable wireless mouse.

This is also very handy especially for a woman who likes to bring her laptop along with her in her handbag. As there are no cords to deal with, this can just be inserted into the pocket of her bag and pulled out easily without creating a mess or stressing out the woman. Nothing can be messier and more stressful than pulling out a mouse where the cord gets entangled with the other items that it is stored with. Also bothersome, the cord that is tangled up can cause the mouse to fall to the ground because of the pulling and struggling with the cord from its compartment. Its sleek black design fits the palm perfectly and the right and left clicks are highly efficient.


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