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Functional Elegance with the Ladies 15.4” Wenger Laptop Bag

10/20/2010 10:45:59 AM

Some people say black is elegant while pink is too much of a girlie thing. Well, the Ladies 15.4” Wenger Laptop Bag is an elegant combination of black and pink. It is designed to perfection by the same makers of the Genuine Swiss Army Knife. Being made by Wenger means that it is sturdily built and it can carry all the things that women like to carry with them in their bags, including an army knife.

Women are generally known to love handbags and shoulder bags. The bigger the space and the more compartments incorporated into the design of the bag, the better the attraction for it. However, some women are just not attracted too much to an all black bag which they think can be pretty boring to look at , but a sleek black bag that opens up into three compartments revealing the shocking interior pink stripes is a sure winner for women who are aware of their femininity and not hesitant to declare it.

Considerably the best design feature of the bag is the way it is separated by three main divisions where one can place their files, their laptop, their makeup kit and their laptop accessories. No woman likes to have to resort to extra bags when carrying their “essentials” so finding a bag that will fit in everything is considered a treasure.

This bag also has interior pockets where sunglasses, cell phones, ball pens and other items can be placed. It is also padded enough to protect the laptop from bumps and scratches. A bonus is that the bag design follows airline limitations for carry ons in planes.

This is a bag that is perfect for a student, a career woman and for the digital nomads who like to work outside of their homes while drinking a cup of latté at their favourite café. No longer will the woman have to settle for the boring and highly functional ladies laptop bag. Now, they can choose from the different styles and materials that would look good with the outfit that they are wearing and the mood that they are presently in.


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