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Making the Most Out of the 13”-14” Adelaide Leather Laptop Bag for Women

10/20/2010 10:32:33 AM

It is a well known fact that women love handbags that could fit everything they want to bring around with them. Traditionally, women would bring a shoulder or hand bag that would have a lot of pockets and divisions where they could insert their wallets, makeup kits, their cell phones, diaries, hairbrushes, and toiletries for the “just in case I need them” type of woman, which is basically all women.

 Today, women are more techie and they also want a ladies laptop bag where they could just put in their 13”-14” laptops or Netbooks. A great product is the 13”-14” Adelaide Leather Laptop Bag for Women that is designed to hold all sorts of items that only women bring around with them and still leave enough room for their highly essential computer. No woman feels elegant when they have to carry their laptops in a separate bag if they have a bag that can fit everything in it.

 Now, this is not a shoulder bag, this is a handbag that has a separate padded compartment which would protect the precious laptop from the other items that only a woman could think of bringing with her.

The first really attractive feature is the leather material. This is not the synthetic type, it is real leather which can weather the elements so even if it is drizzling or raining, the items inside it will not get wet. The expandable base is designed so that literally everything a woman desires to bring with her can be brought without causing damage to either the laptop or the makeup kit. It has a pocket up the front with a dual direction zip where accessories like a mouse and the cord for the lap can be placed.

The sleek black leather design is a basic color which will not clash with the outfit the woman wears so whether the bag were to be taken to work or when shopping in a mall, it is utilitarian as well as elegant in design. The only color that breaks the monotony of the black is the shocking purple leather that lines the straps.


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