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Refurbished netbooks

7/30/2010 12:42:57 PM

The common use of a netbook is sending emails, going on internet, or using Microsoft office. Still you have to pay some good amount of money for a new decent netbook. However you have the option of refurbished netbooks if you don’t want to spend too much money on a new netbook.

Just4laptops has a wide variety of refurbished netbooks. The cheapest and most reliable are Asus netbooks. I have personally used Asus plenty of times and they are as reliable as HP or Toshiba. There is a big range in Asus, from small netbooks to much high spec laptops. For example this 7” pink netbook is for only £119.99. However this 17” core 2 laptop is for £449, which is also a cheap laptop if you look at the specs of the laptop.

Hp, Toshiba, Sony, Dell all offer refurbished laptops at discounted price. You also get 3 months manufacturer warranty with these. I think refurbished laptops/netbooks are your best bet if you can’t afford the new one. Some people might think there is no point spending money in a refurbished netbook but you get 3 months warranty and if there is a going to be any problem with your netbook that would be within 3 months. This theory is same for new netbooks. If you are going to get any problem that would be within 3 months time. If you survive the 3 months period, it’s unlikely that you would get any problem within a year. Obviously you can get a virus or something but that’s beside the point.

So refurbished netbooks are in a way better then new one as they offer the same features in cheap price.


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