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Economically Converting a Laptop into Desktop

5/6/2010 8:49:06 PM

There are various established benefits of a laptop stand. The question is why one would like to convert a laptop into desktop environment. The answer is simple, you cannot always use a laptop on your lap or even while sitting on a chair as it stresses your spinal system and in the long run you may damage your spinal system so it’s a good idea to use a laptop stand so that you can adjust the viewing angle of your laptop LCD and use an extra keyboard and mouse with it to maintain the recommended distance and viewing angle from the LCD.

The laptop stands are best for using in the office and then transport back to your home and use it there. There are various laptop stands available in the market which is not only economical but also foldable for easy transportation.

Please check this laptop stand by trust which is economical and highly functional. With 5 steps of height adjustment you can view the LCD at your required height and comfortable angle. If you are concerned about slipping your valued laptop from this stand, it has got rubber pads on the edges to prevent your laptop from being slipped. The flat and foldable design is easy to transport and ideal for taking to office and back home.


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