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Keeping Laptops Cool

4/27/2010 7:04:52 PM

The first ever computer was made in 1942 and the size of this computer took up to an entire room. As the technology got advanced the computing machines became more and more compact, smaller in size and more efficient.

At this point in time a small notebook of 8.9” inches screen is more advanced and efficient than the first computer ever made. Those early computers that took an entire room used to have ventilators and air flow systems to keep them cool. The basic principles of ventilation are same but the size has become much smaller. As the machines are becoming smaller they are densely packed with electronic components and as a result they become hot when used for longer periods. To cope up with this problem fresh air is pulled into the machine from sides and then pushed out from the back to maintain the air flow. When you place your laptop on a desk or onto your lap, this air flow could be disrupted and as a result the machine gets hotter.

Now let’s come to the solution, there are a variety of laptop coolers available in the market. They would not occupy much space and will perfectly cool down your laptop. If you work on a desk and still your laptop gets hot try using laptop cool strip, this is very economical and very efficient if you work on a desk. If you use your laptop on a lap or on the bed/couch etc; the best thing would be a laptop cooler, which are also cheap and will protect your laptop from becoming hot.


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