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The Second Skin

4/7/2010 10:58:17 PM

Laptop sleeves seem to be very “in” these days, as you will find a variety of sleeves for sale at a number of web stores and high street shops.

There are many benefits of covering your laptop with a second skin or sleeve. Your laptop remains new, these skins safeguard against the scratches, dents and dust. The biggest source of scratches for the laptops is the laptop bags these days. When you pull out your laptop from the bag, the strong zippers may scratch your pc or even inside the case you may get your pc scratched. So it becomes a good reason to use a laptop sleeve.

With the changing designs and technologies now-a-days you will find sleeves which cover your laptop all the time. It’s really a good idea to cover the laptop all the time in a sleeve, even when you are working. Take a look at this laptop sleeve by Walk on Water. It will not only cover your laptop all the time, but it will safeguard your notebook against the scratches by the zipper with the help of inner lips. The skin is made of 3mm neoprene so it is going to give an excellent protection to your laptop/Mac. If you really care your gear you will never go wrong with this sleeve.


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