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Double your handbag as a laptop bag

3/31/2010 7:42:49 PM

You may find it difficult to find a hand bag which doubles as laptop bag. The fact is, there are not many choices in this category but “Walk on water” has made it simple and fun.

Take a look at this laptop hand bag, the colour combination is green and white, it looks really funky and stylish. The design is available in another combination of off white and red. It looks like an old fashioned ladies hand bag, probably retro of 70’s but it is loaded with modern day features. Old fashion but a very fresh design and well thought out design. The fashion oriented ladies will find it an excellent bag to carry their laptops.

Now about the features of this bag, it has an internal independent sleeve in white colour, which is off course according to the colour combination of the bag. The sleeve is padded and will definitely give superior protection to your laptop. You can store accessories in the external pocket. The bag is constructed with high quality imitation leather and is long lasting. You can use this bag as a hand bag or as a shoulder bag. You will not find many bags like this in the market. It is intoxicatingly funky and highly functional.


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