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Sleeves for independent use, do they protect?

3/18/2010 9:05:10 PM

Laptop sleeves are thought to be a shield against scratches and dents, this is true but there are many sleeves which can not only be used with a laptop bag but can also be used independently, which means they act as a regular laptop bag. The question is “do they protect your laptop while using independently?

It all depends on the sleeve which you are planning to buy. There are various factors like durability, space for at least a mouse and a plug and obviously a carry handle. This is not at all recommended that you carry your laptop all the time in a sleeve because laptops are expensive and it is necessary to protect them to prevent any further expenses.

You can use these sleeves to transport your laptop from one department of your company to the other, or for smaller distances as you don’t want to carry your laptop alone from one dept to another and it becomes troublesome to slide the bag inside a bag all the time if you are an IT person and keep moving from one dept to another.

The laptop sleeve by Brenthaven is designed for this purpose. Undoubtedly it gives superior protection to your laptop with its unique 4 sided foam protection system and contains a carry handle which lies flat when using with another case. It also contains a back slip pocket and is available in black and steel blue colour.

Although the sleeve provides good basic protection to your laptop but this is not recommended to use it independently.


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