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Trendy Messenger Cases

3/16/2010 4:17:44 PM

Messenger cases are usually for casual use but there are a lot of messenger cases that look professional and are for professionals. Manufacturers have developed various combinations like messenger cases which can also be used for evening bags or those containing independent or removable sleeves.

For those who want some extra protection for their mobile gear the later seems to be perfect as they include a detachable sleeve and a bag in the price of one bag and one delivery. You can also create your own combination (as many people do) for the laptop bag and a sleeve of contrasting or matching colours.

If you are considering buying ladies laptop bag containing an independent sleeve you cannot go wrong with Maddie Powers Hipster Messenger bag. The bag contains an independent and removable sleeve with matching colour and neoprene stuff. The bag is made of Microfiber material and is extremely robust. The bag has a padded laptop section, lots of space for your accessories and a padded shoulder strap. The bag is accessorized with a signature lucky seven dice and screams "I am a ladies bag".

If you are a male and looking to propose someone, this bag would be a romantic gift and you can surely send your message and feelings through this valuable gift.


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