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All in one Laptop Trolleys

3/14/2010 7:57:00 PM

Whenever you consider buying a laptop trolley case, you aim to look at a trolley which gives freedom of mobility, durability and space for all of your travelling and mobile accessories. Most of the laptop trolley bags contain above mentioned features, but there are some major differences among different trolleys.

For example take a look at this laptop trolley case by Dicota called mobile commuter case, it has all the desired features including durability, attractive look, space and easy rollers. The notebook bag included in the trolley is detachable and can be used independently on its own. The included bag is a little bulky and many people would hesitate carrying it alone, but those who carry many mobile accessories along with a notebook will find it superb as it will be a 2 in 1 solution for them.

Now here is another laptop trolley by techair, made of polyester having two main compartments and space for many mobile and travelling accessories. It has a telescoping handle, a carry handle and a shoulder strap. It also comes with 2 months i-track service and is extremely durable.

The mobile commuter case costs almost double of laptop trolley by techair but also offer double space for your mobile accessories. The mobile commuter case is more presentable while the other one is intelligently segmented. Both of the cases are made of highest quality materials and there is no question about their durability.

If you are a regular traveller and carry loads of paper stuff, documents etc with you then the mobile commuter case should be your first choice, but if you are not a regular traveller or prefer to carry less while travelling then you cannot go wrong with the highly functional laptop trolley case by Techair.


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