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Must have features for a wheeled laptop case

3/4/2010 5:47:07 PM

There is an increased use of wheeled laptop cases these days as they are meant to cater the travelling needs of professionals and must safely carry a laptop, travelling accessories and other items related to travelling. The question is what features a wheeled laptop case must have in order to ensure a comfortable and safe travelling?

A wheeled laptop case should provide a good protection to your mobile gear and must be spacious (Does not mean bulky but intelligently segmented) in order to store travelling accessories like clothes, accessories and laptop related accessories. As these cases are designed for travelling professionals, they must provide space for media, camera, iPod and at least three main compartments to store a bunch of accessories. The other important thing for a wheeled laptop case is mobility, it must have comfortable and adjustable pulley; must be checkpoint friendly and with easy rolling wheels.

Now take a look at this wheeled laptop case, designed by Brenthaven this case has all that you need for comfortable travelling. Excellent quality rollers, comfortable and adjustable pulley, space for almost any mobile accessory that you can imagine, good space for your travelling accessories and above all superb protection to your laptop. The case looks really elegant and is durable.

There are many other excellent quality wheeled laptop cases available in the market which are equipped with the desired features and are meant to provide convenience and comfort while travelling.


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