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Laptop Sleeves - Real protection for your laptop?

3/2/2010 7:37:46 PM

Many people think that a good laptop bag provides enough protection to a laptop, agreed but what if a laptop gets scratched and looks ugly, what if it catches moisture or it looks like ages old after 6 months of use and it slips from your hand and stop working?

Laptops are meant to be transported, most of the people carry their laptops from home to office or home to university and this is not it, your laptop is with you while you are enjoying some good holidays in spain or barbados.

Now what about the importance of your laptop to you?

As a matter of fact your laptop is not just worth hundreds of £s but you carry your whole office in it or some valuable notes at university or even those private family pictures which you want to keep for a lifetime and you haven’t got enough time to create their back-up. Good laptop bag along with an extra protection with a good laptop sleeve made of neoprene or ballistic nylon and containing padded laptop compartment may give you guarantee to save all that money, office work, university notes and family pictures.

Look at this stylo laptop sleeve which is available in black and blue colour and contains a padded laptop compartment. This sleeve fits all 15.4” screen size laptops and is manufactured by brenthaven, a very reputable company manufacturing laptop bags, sleeves and other accessories. The brenthaven laptop bags and sleeves are so protective that your laptop remains unharmed even if it is slipped from your hand.

In a nutshell, whatever accessory you purchase for your mobile gear, make sure its made of quality material and ensures basic safety to your valuable asset.


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