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Does a leather laptop bag provide extra safety to your laptop?

3/1/2010 9:24:08 PM

A leather laptop bag may not necessarily provide best protection to your notebook. There are tons of different laptop bags available in the market, which may give your laptop more safety than a leather laptop bag, but a leather laptop bag may enhance your image and obviously smells great.

Now let’s compare these two bags, leather bag by Dicota and Toshiba laptop bag made of PVC material with steel frames. The leather bag by Dicota is more stylish with an elegant look and off course it is made of leather. The finishing is great and it looks like an expensive item. On the other hand the PVC bag by Toshiba is also stylish with superior finish but upon comparing with leather bag looks cheaper.

Now there is some difference in the prices as well, the average price for PVC bag by Toshiba is from £51 to £57, on the other hand the leather bag by Dicota costs from £71 to £95 and don’t forget this is a cheap leather laptop bag, there are many expansive leather bags as high as £150. So a quality PVC bag is always more economical then a quality leather bag.

The PVC bag by Toshiba features (LIPT) Laptop impact protection technology with steel frames and the leather bag contain a padded laptop compartment, so obviously this PVC bag is more sturdy and protective than the leather bag.

Both bags contain equally good space for storing accessories.

The results are interesting, the leather bags are always more costly and does not necessarily provide superior protection to your laptop as compared to other quality material laptop bags but if you are a fan of leather then nothing better than a quality leather laptop bag, but off course quality comes with money.


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