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Laptop Accessories To Carry With You

2/24/2010 7:10:59 PM

The use of laptops is becoming a need rather than a want nowadays and laptops are extremely useful in getting work done while on the move. However, laptops certainly can’t be used alone and there are various laptop accessories that are required to be used with laptops. However, you shouldn’t have too many accessories so that your laptop bag becomes heavy and is not easy to carry around.

Consider the following accessories for your laptop;

Power Supply : You should get at least one of these when you purchase your laptop. It’s always useful to keep one in your laptop bag but you should keep in mind that it is one of the heavier items to be used with your laptop. Some people prefer to keep one at their homes and one at their work place so they don’t have to carry one around.

External Mouse :  It’s always useful to keep a small external mouse in your laptop bag as most people prefer to use them with their laptops. Although laptops come with track pads but a lot of people find them awkward or difficult to use.

CD’s / DVD’s :  If you like to play games or watch movies, you can always keep such cd’s / dvd’s in your laptop bag rather then using your laptop hard disk to copy them. You can also copy data to cd’s and dvd’s and share them with others.

USB Memory Stick : An external USB is extremely useful if you want to share files with others or save data as backup.

Spare Battery : If you are a traveller there is a possibility you may not have access to AC power supplies for a while. This is true for air planes. So it can be very handy to keep a spare battery to gain more time to use your laptop.

Business Cards : You should be able to keep your business cards in an easily accessible compartment / pocket of your laptop bag. This is useful so you don’t have to open your bag and you can easily grab your card.


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