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Mobile Gear for Local Travellers

2/23/2010 11:11:34 PM

Lot of people who travel domestically for business or work purposes often require laptops and their accessories. If you are a local traveller you may need to be prepared for presentations, scanning and printing.  Local travellers should keep the following things in mind;

Type of Laptop:
They should always use a thin and light laptop. These laptops are easy to carry and operate and fulfil all the functions of larger laptops. They weigh less than 7 pounds and you can be extremely productive on the road using these.

Type of Laptop Bag:
You should look for a laptop case that suits your style and provides the necessary protection for your laptop. It should be well made, robust and must be comfortable to carry around. The bag must be the appropriate size for your laptop. You can find a very good collection of laptop bags here.

Mobile Accessories:
There are various mobile accessories that are very useful for mobile travellers. They include external storage such as an external hard disk to carry backup data or large data files that may take too much space of your laptop. USB’s are often carried around to share data with others.  There are even portable scanners and printers available for travelling professionals which come in very handy. E.g. Cannon i80 mobile printer, Fujitsu ScanSnap document scanner etc.  There are various other accessories such as mobile gear wheel desks, laptop power adapters and portable projectors that are often used by travellers.


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