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Safety Checks For Your Laptop

2/23/2010 9:00:05 PM

Laptops certainly don’t come cheap as you already know and when ever we purchase a laptop we certainly intend to keep it for a while. It’s important to keep our laptops safe and the following things can help you do that.

Power Settings adjustments:
In order to prevent your laptop from heating up, it’s always useful to adjust the power settings. The settings of the laptop can be adjusted so after being idle for some time the display turns off or the laptop goes to hibernate mode.

Select a Secure Laptop Bag:
You should select a laptop bag that has proper padding and is the appropriate size for your laptop. The bag / case should be able to keep your laptop secure while on the move or when stationery.

Turn your laptop off:
Before you put your laptop in its bag / case, you should always switch it off. When inside a laptop bag there is no air circulation and the laptop can melt or the results can be even worse. Therefore, just turn off your laptop before you put it in its bag.

Maintain the Vents:
You should try to regularly check and clean the air vents in your laptop. This can be done using forced air dusters. Always try to keep the laptop away from a dusty place and clean it regularly.

Check the fan:
If your laptop heats up often, then there could be the possibility of your laptop fan not working properly. You may be able to download software to test if the fan is working properly.

Also, be sure to unplug any accessories from your laptop when it’s not in use, even for short periods of time as they use power and they may cause the laptop to overheat.


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