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Samsung N150

12/22/2010 3:59:54 PM

Are you on the prowl for a netbook that will look stylish, function well and also not break the bank? If you are, then the Samsung N150 may just be the netbook that you are looking for. This pretty netbook definitely has a lot of style as it is skinny and comes in some really great punchy colors. Of course if you prefer more staid hues, they have those as well. Like the blue and black colors that will make it blend more in an office environment.

It delivers a lot of style and the thinness of the design makes it very easy to bring around; all this and it may just fit your budget. It has a 10.1” LED display that is backlit as is typical of almost every netbook out in the market. It has the latest Intel N450 processor that saves a lot of battery life and in turn gives you more time to use your netbook without having to recharge it. In fact, you can get up to 7 hours out of your battery. The LED display also plays its part in conserving your battery life

This Samsung N150 is wonderful if you are typing e-mails and you need to get your work done while you are on the go. The keyboard is a very good size and is 93% the size of a full sized keyboard. You also get a webcam that is already part of your laptop. Very convenient if you nee to do some video conferences and video calls. You can also connect to any wireless hotspot with its Wireless-N wi-fi. It also sports a 160 GB hard drive, a 3 in 1 memory card reader and 3 USB ports. It has the Samsung Easy Resolution Manager that make sit very easy to adjust your screen’s resolution settings.


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